Powder Spraying Iron Package container

Powder Coating Iron Packaging Container

announcer:admin  Release date:03-21 15:57

1. Folded height: 200MM.

2. Fork slot height: 80MM.

3. Maximum Load: 1050 KG.

4. Warehouse maximum stacking layers. 

5. The surface treatment and painting of two kinds of electric galvanizedfor customers to choose green products in line with the international trend of environmental protection.

6. Do not need any tools, one person can complete the installation and removal. 

7. Suitable for rubber, chemicals and other products handling and transport.

8. The company has two dozen standard sizes can also be designed accordingto customer needs, for example: External dimensions: L1515 * W1152 * H1020, internal dimensions: L1460 * W1100 * H900.