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Garden plants welcome all friends to visit the guide

announcer:  Release date:04-08 14:52

Spring has sprung, the company in April vigorously Dandong green plant engineering and housekeeping standards.

In the green plant, the new trees planted more than 80 trees, lawns more than 2,000 square transplant, more than 100 tons of ornamental stone, and the new parking lot, parking shed more than 1000 levels, effective planning the rational distribution of the plant, to create a garden-like factory solid step for the majority of the staff to provide more beautiful and convenient working environment.

In addition, the Division is also active in the workshop housekeeping standards, especially in finished products, not only for the scene of the unified planning, rational and effective use of workshop area, and further refine the stockyard management system, improve the management level of the finished product, led for the day logistics equipment product quality to last a good clearance.