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Riqian the characteristics of storage cage

announcer:  Release date:04-08 14:55

1. High quality steel welded cold-rolled hardened, high strength, high load capacity.

2. Unified specification, fixed capacity, storage of goods at a glance, easy to stock inventory. 

3. Zinc plated, beautiful antioxidant, long service life. 

4. Adoption of international standards, and supporting the use of containers, improve space utilization. 

5. Can be stacked four high with each other to achieve three-dimensional storage. 

6. Surface environmental treatment, immune health, working, storage recovery not pollute the environment. 

7. With forklifts, ground beef, lifts, cranes and other equipment can be efficient operations. 

8. Folding structure, low cost recovery, is an alternative to wooden crates.

9. Can be installed at the bottom of the wheel, factory internal turnover is extremely convenient.