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Equipment Exhibition

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In—House Raw Materials Processing include Tubes.
Angles/Channels.Wire and Coils/Sheets:
*Steel Tube/Pipe Production Lines
  ·Standard Round.Square.Rectangular and Special Shapes
*Cold Roll Forming Lines
  ·Convert Flat Coil to Custom Profiles Ie Angles. Channels and Brackets
*Cold Drawings Machines
  ·Convert Hot Rolled Wire Rod into Precise Cold Drawn Wire
*Slitting and Coil Processing Lines
  ·Convert Flat Coils to Custom Sized Sheets
In—House Manufacturing Capabilities including:
*30 Robotic Welding Machines
*10 Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machines
*10 Spot Welding Machines
*20 Automatic Wire straitening and cutting machines
*20 Wire Forming Machine
*12 Break Presses
*CNC Laser Cutter for Sheet and Tube
*Marry RIQIAN custom designed machines
In—House Finishing Options Include:
*5 Electrical Zinc Plating Rack Lines
*4 Powder Coating Lines
*1 Nickie—Chrome Plating