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Liaoning Taxation handled export tax refund (Exemption) for more than 2600 enterprises, exceeding 2.9 billion yuan

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Shenyang, April 3, Xinhua (Zhao Jiantong) "the application for tax refund of 3.12 million yuan just submitted yesterday, arrived today!" Dandong RI Tuo logistics equipment Co., Ltd., which was delayed to return to work due to the epidemic, received all refunds within 24 hours after submitting the tax refund application. Zhang Hua, the financial director of the company, said that the fund was "timely rain", effectively alleviating the capital turnover problems faced by the enterprise.
At present, some export enterprises are faced with such problems as order loss and urgent need of working capital. While ensuring the smooth acceptance, review, review and approval of export tax rebate, tax authorities at all levels in Liaoning Province reduce the processing time of export tax rebate, ensure that export tax rebate during the epidemic period "applies, reviews, handles and refunds", and provide solid financial guarantee for export enterprises。
"The average completion time of export tax rebate in the whole province has been reduced to 4.5 days, 3.5 days shorter than the 8 working days required by the state, which helps the enterprises returning to work and production run out of the tax" acceleration " Lu Youlin, director of the goods and services tax department of Liaoning Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, said that as of March 20, the provincial tax authorities had handled export tax refunds (Exemptions) of 2.91 billion yuan for 2650 enterprises.
In order to support the export enterprises to return to work and resume production, encourage and guide the export enterprises to handle the export tax rebate business through the "non-contact" channel, Liaoning Provincial Taxation Bureau further expanded the scope of paperless tax rebate declaration, comprehensively implemented the online business declaration of export tax rebate, and implemented the "deficiency handling" of paper materials. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, taxpayers can apply for filing and filing changes of export tax refund (Exemption) after submitting electronic data through the e-tax Bureau, and do not need to submit relevant paper materials temporarily, further improving the efficiency of tax refund approval.
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